Limitations! This word is depressing because it gives us a line where we have to stop and we know we clearly can’t go beyond that. It feels we are caged, not ever free to spread our own wings, it feels as if we are in a, or more precisely, inside a tiny box which doesn’t let us go. It only allows us to play within that box but not beyond that and feel our life is too small to let us inside that tiny little box.

We try to increase our thinking, we try to break that box but we end up getting a lecture that limitation for everything is important. For example, sometimes going out with mummy for shopping we get to know that she has a limited amount of money with her or she wants us to buy within a limit. So always stay inside that limit.

Most of us have not thought about it that a limit is just an end to an extension. But it can’t stop us because till the time we reach the limit we forget that we can do anything till we reach the limit. Whenever we hear this word most of us get so annoyed or sad that we tend to forget that till the time we reach the limit we can enjoy ourselves.

In a shopping mall we get limit; we always think that uh! How much can we buy from this? Say for example 500 bucks. But if we can also think this way that we can at least buy as much as we want under 500 bucks. Till we reach the limit we are free and we are unlimited.

Just think, if we are unlimited how bad it must be because, we will do whatever we want and we can tend to make mistakes later on. At least when we have a limit, we can do anything under that limit and we have the surety that nothing would go wrong. For fun we just need to be ourselves, not unlimited.

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