Life on the Rocks

Life is a small, 4-letter word but carries much weight and meanings in it. It is also like a puzzle we often spend our brain and energy looking for the right pieces. Sometimes, we may not value the pieces we find. Usually we don’t value what we have. We only care for something we don’t have.

One thing which is very simple to understand but hard to imply is – value the things we already have rather than dying for things. We don’t have that’s why we tend to be impatient to find those puzzle pieces and not value the ones we already have. If we would have valued those pieces maybe we could find a clue to look for the others.

As human beings most of us are bound by strength and weakness but the question arises when we don’t understand the value of neither our weakness nor our strength. People think that improving or chasing the weakness leads to a solution. If we don’t respect our weakness our weakness will also disrespect us this we will not be able to more near our strength.

If we need to move ahead, firstly, we have to understand the weakness we have. And in respect to that weakness work on it and not give our weakness the name of a problem. For example, for most of the mothers their kids are their weakness and strength. But for the mother who gets scared and nervous if something might happen to her kids triggers her weakness. We cannot say that the kids are some sort of problems to the mother simply. The mother can always take protective measures making her kids alert and converting her weakness into strength.

So, according to me, if we need to form a simple equation for life, we have to break the complex compounds and irritating elements and then we can balance both the sides.

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